About This


My name is Chris Onjian.

This is the latest incarnation of my personal web site. I’ve had many through the years.. starting with one of those standard “one page” vanity pages on my college server in the mid 90s. Hard to believe that it was 20 years ago because I can still remember vividly coding up the HTML and making the rudimentary graphics.

Eventually a couple of good friends started their own ISP and for fun I created my own domain there and moved my site to that server. It became a sorta “life resume” with every little detail and whatnot about me. I even had some Real Audio (kids ask your parents) streaming clips of my early music compositions. I will forever claim that Coldplay heard my music and ripped me off but that’s another story for another time.

Then the whole Facebook thing happened.. and along the way it became stupid to have your personal details just “out there”. So I wiped out my site. For a few years it was just a “go away” page. I don’t think anyone really stumbled on it or noticed.. It isn’t like I am a celebrity or anything.

So blah blah blah after a bunch of things in life I was bored and realized that my host had WordPress so I decided to “Make A Thing”…. this is the thing that resulted.

This will be more of a train of thought blog. I have zero delusions of grandeur that anyone will actually read it.. but I’ve been thinking lately that if I don’t actually *write* my thoughts they will be lost. I am going to just play this as I go.


Oh.. a bit about me for those that didn’t give this the TL;DR treatment.. 

I am from the North East portion of the U.S.A. I can hop on a bus and be in NYC in about 30 minutes without traffic. I’ve lived in suburbia all my life.

I’m a proud member of early Gen-X who grew up right at the advent of the computing revolution.. I had a computer before anyone else around me did and learned how to write code before I graduated 6th grade. Naturally I went to engineering school… and that lead to a fairly successful career so far doing what I do.

I have many interests but my biggest passions in life are my family, music, photography, and technology. I love dogs. I am a big fan of bacon. I have a small but very high quality circle of friends who represent the various phases of my life from middle school all the way to becoming a parent. I love to travel but shamefully have a long list of “the usual places” that I have yet to go to. I plan on rectifying that over the next decade.

My favorite color is blue. I am right handed. I have perfect pitch and at one point in the past I could sight read music. I love sci-fi. I am an avid reader. I celebrate many epic tales covering King (Dark Tower), Tom Clancy (Jack Ryan), and shamelessly admit to really enjoying young adult works like Harry Potter, Divergent, The Hunger Games, and so on. Current favorite book is Ready Player One.

Politically I have favored the Republican party for years but I don’t prescribe to everything they believe in . Like a lot of people out there with Common Sense I am more of a Fiscally Conservative but Socially Liberal Independent… In general I think all sides have good things and bad things to say….

I’ve had a varying opinion on religion over the years… a struggle due to my Christian upbringing vs my Scientific mind and education. Lately I consider myself to be a Christian Scientist.. trying to find that happy medium between both… a believer in something like Intelligent Design.. or at least Something Greater than us all. That being said I don’t really go to church as I think God is an engineer (in my own image) and would rather sleep late on Sunday.


Other Internet places I Live at… 

I am on Facebook… You can find me there and send me a friend request. I don’t accept though unless I really know you from somewhere…

I have a twitter thing.. I don’t tweet much other than silly random things from time to time. I use it mostly to follow people that interest me.

I have a personal photography gallery (Chris Onjian Photography). This represents my “life’s work” in photography and I am fairly proud of it.


Getting in touch with me…

If for some reason you want to get in touch my email address is pretty simple. It’s my name.


Be sure to make your post very not-spam like as I do very strict filtering.