Here we are. January 1st 2024.

2023 passed by so fast that I feel like I hardly got a chance to get to know it. I know that isn’t true. 2023 was a busy year and we (I) did a lot. Multiple boxes got checked and items “on the list” got crossed off. It was exciting, interesting, and adventurous for all three (four including the pup) members of my little family.. both individually and all of us together. Sure we had our challenges. There were downs to our ups. But we survived and I think we ended the year better off than when we started.

But 2023 does feel like it passed with a blur. Time appears to goes by so fast for me at this age. I know why this happens.. I did read a really good article on it once. There is something actually going on in our brains as we age that makes it feel like “time flies”. It has to do with how often our brain takes memory “snapshots”. When we’re younger it happens much faster. So that time when I was a little kid where I spent an hour flying a kite in my parents back yard feels like an entire day memory wise… but that week long vacation I took last year feels like a blip.

So no… time isn’t flying by… 2023 didn’t just pass with a blur… it happened… I did stuff… I experienced stuff.. I earned those miles/hours on my odometer. This is a fact I try to remind myself of all the time. I make a point to go through things in my head.. what did I do.. what did I accomplish… where did I go. I keep enforcing to myself the idea that I AM doing stuff. I AM doing “all the things”.

But regardless… here we are. 2024.

I already have some exciting things on deck for the year ahead. Some trips have already been booked (nothing like last year’s Greece trip though.. ). My band is hopefully going to be a bit more active this year (crossing fingers). Work has some exciting things going on. More family milestones will be celebrated. It’s going to be totally fetch.

So with that.. today is the last day of my end of year holiday break. Tomorrow I head back to the grind for a short work week. It was a good break but it’s time to get back to reality. I can’t sit around in my PJs and play video games every day.