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The One Where I Go As Far Away From Home As I Ever Plan To Be..

Those that know me know that I am big into traveling. It is something instilled into me by my parents who made a point to take me all sorts of places when I was growing up. Mind you.. “all sorts of places” translates to endless road trips all over the mid-Atlantic and new England parts…

The one where Holy Shit it has been two years since I last posted..

I didn’t think it was that long.. I thought I had put something here at some point over the last long while… But I guess not… So.. this is a quick note to say that YES I am still very much alive. NO I did not abandon this place. Things are going fine.. Life is…

The One Where Everything Has Changed

It’s 4:30am. I want to say it’s Monday morning but since I have not slept yet to me it is really Sunday night. Outside the first big snow storm of 2021 is going on. It’s cold in the house so I’m laying with the dog on the couch under blankets. She is keeping me warm….