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365-Of-2017 January 8th


So I just came back in from watching the dog run all over the back yard. Just this weekend she graduated from having to be on the leash all the time to getting free reign over the fenced in property. Supervised, of course. It was late and the stars looked nice. I sat down in…

The one where it becomes 2017

“So new year new me.” “2016 was horrible so thank god it is over. Yay for 2017.” I see so many people saying that about the new year. It seems like its the SAME people every year that do it.¬†Oh this year will be better than last year. Blah blah blah. It’s bullshit. A year…

The one inspired by the very end of Hoosiers

Every place we go is haunted by the memories of the past. Everything you do.. every relationship you have.. everything… all saturated by memories of what once was… Good stuff and bad stuff. And all that is awesome. Even the bad stuff. The thing is… don’t get caught up with the past. It already happened….

What is To Life

When I was younger I thought of life as a racetrack that had straightaways and curves. You enjoyed the straightaways as much as you could because you never know when you’d hit a curve. But curves were temporary and once you were past them you were on another straightaway. Basically the physical representation of “This…