So I am sitting here watching the end of The Martian while my new dog and daughter play at my feet. It’s been a pretty quiet and somewhat productive 1st day of the year. I am reaching the end of my annual holiday break and I am really not ready to go back to the usual routine in a little more than a day. I don’t think any of us are. It’s going to be a rough 4 days getting back into things… also establishing a “regular” schedule with the dog who’s only been with us since just before Christmas.

I’ve just shouted “EASY!” for the 100th or so time today as the dog has leapt¬†off the couch at full speed and charged across the house. Our previous dog died a year ago and it’s been really nice having canine companionship again. It’s also been downright frustrating as we are dealing with a full sized dog that acts like a puppy with very few puppy manners. But we adopted so… yay for us.

Last night I managed one final achievement of the year: I topped myself with cooking the best steak of my life (so far). I have this thing where I love to cook and I have personal pride in my ability to cook a really really good steak (among other things). I have a well established indirect grilling method that I use in conjunction with a spice blend of my own creation. Last night’s creation was done using a combination of Sou Vide and cast iron pan. Turned out beyond amazing. It wasn’t even fancy meat either.. just some basic Costco choice cut tenderloin.

Exhibit A:


I am really not ready to go back to work. I know I already said that but I really need to emphasize I am not ready to go back to work. Because I am not. Just not fucking ready.

Ok.. well nothing to be done about that. It is what it is.

So new year, new projects… I’ve got a dog to train, a house to work on, and a web magazine to build (more on that another time). I also have a new musical thing in the works but we’ll see how that goes. More than enough to keep me busy. Time to get going on all that…

But first.. I shall drink some tea.