Yes, I am still alive.

No I didn’t abandon this blog.

I actually think about it often and have the urge to write something for it. Those moments (as always) are when I am in the least favorable position of actually sitting down to write anything. So.. ideas and things float away with the wind.

But regardless… just wanted to update the Interwebs that I still exist and things are going well in my world.

I am quite busy with my career, family, and such… and continue to find myself on stage performing with one band or another.. or on a mountain doing a Spartan race. I’ve also been doing a fair amount of traveling with family and for work.

And while I have not published much photography in the long while I have gone places and taken lots of photos… which are all safe and sound in RAW files on my hard drive.. waiting to be put through Photoshop.. maybe one day when I have the inclination to do so.

Oh.. and the dog I previously posted about is happy and curled up next to me on the couch right now.

So.. nothing but fair winds and following seas for my Ship of Life….