It’s been a while since I put anything up here. I haven’t forgotten about this thing I just have not been in much of a mood to actually write anything. Which is interesting since one of the things I have wanted to do is write more.. kinda a paradox.

I want to write more because I think writing more will make me happy, allow me to express myself, and feel productive.

I can’t write more because I feel Overwhelmed with everything else that I am trying to do in order to actually be produtive.

So borrowing a page from some other notable internet techo-celebs I’ve decided to do a thing where I force myself to write every day. “Force myself” in the sense that I will make that time every day to do it, and not ignore the itch to create verbiage when it comes to me.

Most that do this keep it to about a month or so. I am going to keep it up for an entire year. Go big or go home I always say (along with YOLO and #DoAllTheThings).

I have no idea what I am going to write. I just know I *want* to write. So I will.

In order to do this thing I need to set some ground rules for myself:

  1. I won’t think too hard about what I write. I have this thing of being too much of a perfectionist. It gets in the way of every creative effort I try. Music, photography, etc. I will force myself to just write and go with it regardless of what my inner voice says or what my “left brain” thinks about it.
  2. Because of number 1 I will force myself to ignore the fact that some of what I write will suck.
  3. I will do this every day. I will do this every day. I will do this every day. [Edit] Ok maybe not every day but a lot of days.

Note to self: If you think of any other good ground rules just come back here and add em..

Anyway. So here we go.

It needs a name so I am going to call this “365 of 2017”.

[Update.. a few hours later…]

So I thought about it a bit and realized that if I did post every single day this blog will get cluttered really really fast. I think instead I will set the goal to post at least 2 or 3 times per week. I think that amount should be a nice balance between being really really really active and not being so active that juicy posts get lost in the pile of words.

I’ll still keep the name the same though.