Not those guys. Those guys are cool. Zero Cool and Acid Burn Foreva.

I’m talking about the other Hackers.. the lame ones who are pestering me right now.

So for <reasons> I’ve recently become much more knowledgeable and good about WordPress security. When I set this site up I just threw it up, made some aesthetic changes, and then left it for what it was. While I am a #geek and total #techocrat I have zero interest in web development. That includes WordPress. I do it because I have to for <reasons>, not because I enjoy it.

So fast forward to today where More Knowledgeable Me now understands that this site is constantly under attack by hackers. I have no idea how but it stood up on it’s own for a long while. Now, I’ve got a ton of security provisions in place. I can see what they try to do, and everything is just blocked.

The thing is I have no idea why this site is targeted at all. I get.. what… 5 visitors a year? My mom doesn’t even read it! So.. what the hell? Why friken bother? Go bug Apple or something. I hear they got good porn on their cloud service.

BTW If you’re the guy in Vietnam trying to brute force guess the admin account user name.. just give up. You’ll never get it. The username is like a shit ton of random char. It isn’t “aadmin”, or “test”, or “author”, or “badmin”, or all your other stupid guesses. Actually to be fair I have no idea if you are physically in Vietnam, but that is where your static IP service is located.

Another funny thing is I have identified attacks from bots running on a major medical corporation’s network. Not naming names (I sent them a courtesy email… <shrug>), but you’re pretty lame if you let something like that go on and you do that sort of business.

Mess with the best, die like the rest.