So before I start adding content here “direct from my brain” I probably should warn you of a few things.

If the following words seem slightly familiar it’s because I derived them from the infamous rules/warnings that Will Wheaton puts up every once in a while. I have reasons to both like/dislike Will but I absolutely respect his writing and creativity.

Firstly I promise you that at some point I will say something that will make you angry, hurt, or generally disappointed in me. It is inevitable. Basic probability math dictates it to be. This doesn’t mean I go out and intentionally try to make people angry. No. Not at all. That isn’t how I am or how I work. The exact opposite really. But I also understand reality. No matter what you do or say someone out there won’t like it.

To generalize: If you can’t handle someone expressing an opinion which is a polar opposite to what you believe then you should leave.

You probably should consider this to be an R-Rated site. No, I won’t be posting pics of boobs (or etc) but I do use the F-word a lot.

Also, if you haven’t noticed so far I do not allow commenting. Why? Because this is my site. I could care less what you think of it. I am not here to spark debate. I am here to express myself.

One final note… While I consider myself to be highly educated I will admit that very little of that education was spent in English class. I focused more on STEM topics and went to engineering schools (I <3 Math). Therefore if you are the type to get very irked by misplaced commas, bad grammar, or other tragedies against the English language, then you might want to go away (or at least have a pint or two for pain relief). You won’t like it here. I do my best but I am far from a genius in this area. You are lucky I have a spelling checker, and I managed to master the difference between “your” and “you’re”.